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In a nutshell – What OWGA does for you?
OWGA is a voluntary organization comprised of wheat producers and those interested in the wheat industry.  You are not alone when you are a member of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers’ Association.  The best way to combat challenging issues facing agriculture is by joining forces with other wheat producers to promote and protect our industry.  Standing together we can deal with issues head-on and make an impact on changes that affect your business operation and your family.  One membership represents your operation no matter how large or small.
OWGA is a completely separate entity from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission.  It provides services, such as regulatory and legislative involvement, that by law cannot be done by the Commission.  OWGA is supported financially by your membership.  It receives no direct dollars from the check-off program.  The OWGA provides these primary services:
OWGA maintains regular communication with elected officials and maintains a constant presence at the State Capitol during each legislative session.  We are your voice to make certain our elected officials understand your position on critical issues that could affect your business operation.
Our local meetings, workshops, and annual conventions feature interesting speakers, updates on current issues, education opportunities, which allows producers to get involved in the policy-making process.  We also co-sponsor events that we think are of value to producers.  OWGA brings lots of valuable educational opportunities.
OWGA maintains a relationship with all regulatory agencies that may affect you, including the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to name a few.
Oklahoma State University
OWGA maintains a close relationship with Oklahoma State University, especially the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  We communicate to them your interests on issues related to the Agriculture Experiment Station and the Extension Service.
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